The difference between veneer peeling machine and planing machines-

  CNC Card-free veneer peeling machine through the wood rotation and knife platform intelligent linear feed to complete the rotation purpose, in the spinning process, single double roller speed is constant, wood with the reduction of wood diameter, blade feed through the displacement sensor feedback to the inverter, inverter output corresponding Hertz to speed up the operation of the motor, Further make the screw speed speed up so that the knife table quickly advance, complete the final cutting.

3, rotary thickness can be freely adjusted, to meet different market demand
4, do not need plc, do not need all external controllers, only need external operation switch
5, in the power grid voltage instability environment can also be very good operation.

The ac63-x inverter is applied to veneer peeling machine, allowing veneer peeling machine to automatically adjust the given speed of veneer peeling machine according to the actual diameter of the log, in accordance with the process requirements, In order to ensure that the thickness of the wood skin is uniform.
Its technical features are mainly manifested in:
1, low speed state, the output torque is large, to ensure that the motor at low speed heavy cutting has a strong cutting force.

The process of shearing, squeezing, bending and breaking of cutting layer wood under the action of veneer peeling machine cutter.
Veneer peeling machine in rotary cutting wood, the deformation of the cutting plate should be analyzed according to the difference between the rotary cutter and the main movement relative to the direction of the wood fiber.
The free cutting of wood right angle is divided into three transition cutting directions, longitudinal, transverse and end to three main cutting directions, longitudinal end direction, transverse end direction and transverse longitudinal.
Therefore, in the spinning process of veneer peeling machine, we should look closely at the cutting direction of the plate and check the causes and methods of the deformation of the plate.

Veneer peeling machine can use chip-free rolling process, production efficiency high plate utilization, can be different diameter, wall thickness and length of the plate for fixed length cut, to achieve automatic feeding, automatic cutting, is a typical mechatronics products, programmable controller on the hydraulic cylinder, motor, solenoid valve, Sensors and other systems to control, from the material, loading, positioning, into the expected rolling, the entire processing process fully realized the automation.
Veneer peeling machine also needs to be equipped with a cumulative count and budget counting device, respectively, the cutting of the workpiece to accumulate and set a count, to facilitate statistical production and counting tool replacement.
It is hoped that veneer peeling machine continue to innovate and develop to meet the development of society and People’s needs.

  CNC Card-free veneer peeling machine is the main equipment for the production of Plywood Making Machine, CNC card-free veneer peeling machine mainly by the rack, double-roller system, single-roller system, tool holder, transmission system, electrical system and so on.
It is used to place a certain length and diameter.
The wood section is machined into a continuous single strip, which becomes a veneer with a certain specification after shearing.
The performance and operation of the veneer peeling machine have a very close relationship between the output and the quality of the plywood.
The card shaft type veneer peeling machine has the card veneer peeling machine, the card-free veneer peeling machine and so on, its compact structure, beautiful shape, flexible adjustment, stable performance.

  CNC Card-free veneer peeling machine processing of single board thickness uniform surface smooth, reasonable structure, easy operation and maintenance, stable equipment performance, less wearing parts, long service life, saving wood resources.

Veneer peeling machine has now become an important production equipment for plywood manufacturers, it can spin out a variety of thickness of the single board, rotary cutting efficiency is high, saving manpower and material resources, improve the economic benefits of plywood manufacturers.
But with its rapid promotion, some of its shortcomings are gradually exposed, veneer peeling machine processing accuracy can not meet the needs of people today, serious environmental pollution, low production efficiency, waste of wood resources, automation strength is not high, labor intensity and other shortcomings, so veneer Peeling machine urgently need to improve the rapid development of social adaptation to meet people’s needs.

Veneer peeling machine is an essential mechanical equipment for wood processors and plywood mills.
After the wood has been manually segmented, it is placed on the veneer peeling machine, and a thin, smooth, flat skin appears in front of us.
Because the veneer peeling machine is the two ends of the wood section stuck on the rotating shaft for rotary movement, cutting tools parallel to the wood fiber and for a uniform forward movement, along the wood section of the ring direction can be cut out of the spinning veneer equipment.
Because the wood is not straight, so veneer peeling machine in the spinning process, there will be a plate deformation situation.
Plate deformation not only affects aesthetics, but serious can only be used as scrap, resulting in the waste of wood.
How should that prevent the plate from cutting deformation?

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